Risperdal and Hiring a Risperdal Lawyer

10Once regarded as one of the most effective treatments for mental illnesses like schizophrenia, pediatric autism and bipolar disorder, Risperdal is now under fire for its potentially fatal side effects that were apparently concealed by its manufacturing company. With a Risperdal lawyer, individuals who have unknowingly been exposed to the dangers of the drug can obtain expert help when filing a personal injury and/or product liability charge against the drug maker.

Risperdal first entered the American drug market in 1993 when it was released under a certain brand name. The drug is said to maintain a balance between the sensitive relationship between serotonin and dopamine – two brain chemicals responsible for mood abnormalities in mentally ill patients. It took three years for the product to reach its market high, all while the company continued to disregard the fact that the product’s labeling did not include the drug’s most crucial side effects. Shortly thereafter, Risperdal became highly controversial as people filed lawsuit one after the other, claiming damages for a variety of alleged side effects, including tardive dyskinesia, sexual dysfunction , neuroleptic malignant syndrome, gynecomastia, diabetes, stroke, heart problems and even death.

A lot of patients who have carried on amidst these unpredicted side effects, and sought assistance from a reputable Risperdal attorney from www.risperdallawsuit2014.com have reaped great benefits. As a matter of fact, lawyers have recently helped victims obtain a $5.9 million Risperdal settlement claim against the drug manufacturer, saying that it not only engaged in unjust and devious marketing practices, but also deliberately hid critical information about the drug’s extreme side effects. In 2013, the company settled some $2.2 billion  worth of claims with the Department of Justice.

If you or a loved one has experienced similar adverse effects of the drug, Risperdal, you need to find not just an attorney, but the right attorney who can make a successful legal claim on your behalf.

There are many things a Risperdal attorney can help you with, such as:

-Initial assessment of the claim to ensure that there are no impediments to recovery (for example, satute of limitations)

-Complaint filing in the suitable state/federal jurisdiction

-Getting into the discovery process, unearthing documents for evidence and keeping you protected from discovery requests outside the attorney-client privilege

-Settlement negotiations with Risperdal maker’s counsel

-Tribunal litigation if settlement cannot be obtained

-Obtaining damages for your Risperdal-related costs, such as treatments, plus additional damages for pain, mental anguish and anxiety

-Filing necessary appeals

If you’re looking for a Risperdal lawyer, look out for certain red flags. For instance, lack of experience. But keep in mind that no lawyer, notwithstanding experience, can assure you of success. If you have a lawyer making that promise to you, then take that as another red flag. A third bad sign to look out for is a lawyer who has had license suspensions or disciplinary issues. Finally, if a lawyer seems to have trouble returning your calls or emails, then you should start looking for another prospect. Continue here to learn more about Risperdal lawsuits.


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